A downloadable game for Windows

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A downloadable game for Windows

Maintenance robot Chibi 001 activated. How may I be of service?

You are Chibi, a maintenance robot on board of space ship Sirius 1. You have been activated as a result of an alien space bubbles pollution. Your task... clean up the mess and survive !!!

  • 50 stages packed with challenging puzzles at 10 locations (each with a unique background)
  • 7 different power ups including all in all 4 different weapons
  • A Highscore table to immortalize your achievements
  • Easter Eggs (activate various Ballskins througout the game)
  • Physics influenced assets and items for uniquely puzzle fun
  • Physics driven Player deactivations. Every player death is unique and "fun" to watch
  • Keyboard and Gamepad supported

The stages start with differing numbers and sizes of alien space bubbles. The largest bubbles divides for the first three times it is popped; after the fourth and smallest bubbles is popped it vanishes. Each player starts with a single laser beam. When a bubbles is popped, special weapons may drop down.

The other weapons include:

  • Double Laser, a twin beam that allows two shots at once.
  • Hook Laser, a grappling beam that stays attached to the ceiling or block for a short period of time.
  • Laser Gun, a high-caliber Laser gun that works much like a machine gun allowing rapid shots.

There is no ammunition limit to any weapon. Other bonuses include:

  • A force field that protects the player from one hit by a bubble or enemy. Thereafter it slowly vanishes.
  • A green tube which stops the bubbles for a short time.
  • A blue tube which adds some extra time to the overall stage time.
  • A Mini Bomb that pops all of the balloons down to their smallest size simultaneously.

At a certain point in the stage, special items will drop down randomly that are worth several hundred bonus points. These are several different ones and of increasing value.

If a player touches an alien space bubble of any size, the player gets deactivated and must start the stage again.

Players start with 3 lives. Extra lives are also given when certain point totals have been accumulated. The stage ends when all of the balloons are successfully cleared. The game ends after all stages have been completed.


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